Swimming Pool Leak Detection in Naples, FL

Leak Detection Services in Naples, FL

<i>Leak Detection Services in Naples, FL</i>

Hunter Pools Inc. offers premium leak detection services for in-ground swimming pools and spas in Naples, FL. We understand leakage is a major concern for pool and spa owners. It can happen through any of the fittings or accessories due to faulty plumbing or cracks that develop over time.

It is necessary to repair leaks as soon as possible not just to save water and chemicals, but to also prevent additional damage. To that end, we at Hunter Pools combine our expertise with advanced technology to offer reliable leak detection services without exceeding your budget.

As we respect your time and your property, we do the leak inspection without giving you any stress. Our objective is to minimize downtime and restore your pool or spa to its former working condition. So, if you think there might be a leak in your pool or spa, call us right away to get it inspected.

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How We Detect Leaks

Hunter Pools follows a step-by-step procedure to detect the location of leakage within your pool or spa. The steps include:

  • 1 Checking pool equipment for visible leaks.
  • 2 Performing a set routine for diagnosis using a vacuum test.
  • 3 Checking all bodies of water – from tile to main drains and everything in between.
  • 4 Making minor repairs with underwater epoxy while swimming the bodies of water.
  • 5 Leaving your pool off overnight and setting up an evaporation/rain test to verify the bodies are holding.
  • 6 Returning the following day to ensure the bodies of water are holding and repeating the procedure if found otherwise.

Things to Remember

  • DIY Leak Detection: On average most pools lose 1" - 2" of water per week. A simple rain/evaporation test can determine there’s a leak. This test compares the evaporation of water in a bucket to that in your pool over 24 hours. If the bucket does not lose as much water as your pool does, there’s probably a leak that needs to be repaired.
  • Advanced Leak Detection: Many leaks are easy for us to find. However, be aware we will work tenaciously to find the difficult ones. Hunter Pools generally performs all plumbing repairs, valve problem identification, and equipment repairs on the second visit.
  • Warranty: We warranty all above ground repairs for 30 days. We do not warranty repairs on structural cracks or multiple tile leaks.
  • Affordability: There are two types of pools – one that is leaking and one that is going to leak. To that end, we keep our prices affordable. The average leak detection and repair generally runs from $200-350.
  • Informed Decisions: If there is a broken pipe diagnosed during the leak detection process, we will let you know which set of pipes has the break. We will then call or e-mail you with a repair estimate based on time and materials.

Call us today to have your leak repaired and we will send a reliable professional technician, not a sales person.

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