Pool Repair in Naples, FL

Major Pool and Spa Repair Services

<i>Major Pool and Spa Repair Services</i>

Beyond leak detection, Hunter Pool Inc. goes into handling major repairs involving broken underground pipes. With over 25 years of hands-on experience, we have handled more than 8000 such repairs efficiently. This makes us your go-to professionals for fixing broken pipes within your pool or spa.

Completed pool repair services in Naples, FL

Our Steps to Fix a Broken Pipe

  • 1 Locating the break using hydrophones and electronic listening equipment.
  • 2 Verifying the location and breaking open the deck (the opening we make is generally 18″ or less).
  • 3 Excavating the hole and repairing the pipe.
  • 4 Verifying the pipes are no longer leaking.
  • 5 Filling the hole with concrete.
  • 6 Patching the deck or setting pavers or tiles.

Things to Remember

  • Set Realistic Expectations: We would like to inform our clients beforehand should we have to go through the deck, we will attempt to match the color and texture of the deck as close as possible. However, a patch is a patch, and it might not match. Also, pavers can be removed and set again. But, if there are tiles that are cemented and grouted, additional tiles might be needed.
  • Prices May Vary: Cost of repairs is dependent on the time needed and material used. The average repair often varies between $400-1,200. Depending on the pool construction and design, some repairs might require more time than others.
  • Guarantee: Our underground repairs are guaranteed for one year!
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Minor Pool and Spa Repair Services

<em>Minor Pool and Spa Repair Services</em>

Apart from specializing in leak detection and repair, Hunter Pools Inc. also excels in making minor repairs within your pool and spa. Because no task is too big or too small for us, we are committed to professionalism even in these relatively simple tasks. Our direct focus on the services we offer upholds our repute time after time.

Hunter Pools Inc

Our Services Include

  • Pump, motor, and filter replacement and repair.
  • Handrail and ladder installation, replacement, and repair.
  • Light bulb and light fixture replacement.
  • Autofill installation.
  • Pool/spa equipment relocation and simplification.
  • Skimmer replacement – quoted repair.
  • Raising the bottom of the skimmer to prevent replacement.

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